No Word Of A Lie, I Almost Did Die

Let me tell you the tale of the moment I thought my life was ending.

The sun was shining and the day was warm. It was a day like any other day, almost. I had just signed up to the gym and today was my first day. The class wasn’t too hard, and I’m sorry to say that that wasn’t what nearly killed me, although it left me red faced and breathless. I showered after the class and pulled on my clothes. Lastly I pulled on my socks and smiled as I realized I was wearing one of Marks socks, as well as one of my own.
I continued on to work and the mundane task of washing dishes (filling in for a colleague that was away on holiday).

The day was mostly uneventful and if it wasn’t for the delightful banter with the chef I would have probably died from boredom. I was wishing for something that would disrupt the day and I’d be able to go home and unfortunately it wasn’t long until my wish was granted, perhaps not exactly in the way I had hoped.

I took in my hand a black bag full of rubbish. I wasn’t too bothered being left with this job, the skip (bins) weren’t even far from the back of the shop. I began my descent on the old metal staircase humming a tune as I basked in the glorious sunshine. It was just near the bottom of the stairs that life as I knew it was about to change forever (or perhaps just for a next few weeks), the gods may as well have just ripped up my gym membership because what I was about to endure was going to leave me physically impaired (OK, OK perhaps still a little bit dramatic) for…….well there was no way of knowing at the time. As I took the last few steps the rubbish bag slammed into the handrail and flung back into my leg.
Now it didn’t hurt, I am of course a strong independent woman! I continued to walk and thought nothing much of it at all until…….

ALAS my foot was wet, I looked down and I kid you not I was gushing blood like some sort of popped goon bag (wine cask). I stared in horror as my white sock stained red and with each heartbeat there shot a stream of blood from my leg. I strangely felt calm and all I could think was “I don’t wanna die next to the bins”, which in fairness I don’t think I know anyone who would. I let the black bag drop from my hand and ran up the stairs calling for the chef for help.

She simply thought I had gone mad, and I am sure she thought I was well and truly cracked as I flung myself onto my back on the floor, grabbing blue paper as I went down, kicking my leg up above my heart as I held the paper tightly onto the wound to stem the flow of blood as it sprayed artfully onto the walls.

“Tourniquet, someone get me a Tourniquet”, I cried out.

Yip that’s right I was administering my own first aid (I heard someone say hero…..perhaps not). Needless to say the next few minutes were loud and there was a slight panic in the air, mostly from me hoping I wasn’t about to bleed out here on the floor of my workplace, even if it was an upgrade from the bins.

I lay on my back watching my life flash before my eyes, breathing slowly in and out to calm my heartbeat. I looked up into the face of my work mate who was kindly holding pressure to my cut. This is it, the last face I would see, grateful that she was a beautiful sight. And then I waited. Waited for the grim reaper to arrive and take me to my final destination.

But it wasn’t my time, and I was pulled to my senses by my other work mate who basically carried me in her arms like Kevin Costner did with Whitney Houston in The Bodyguard (or maybe she didn’t……details, shemetails!) to the medical centre down the hall.
At this point it’s obvious I survived, but it was a close one. A couple of hours later I was at home with a cider in my hands after a trip to get some stitches. There were only three of them but the cut was deep and it was going to take time to heal. The only funny part being, it was Marks sock that was ruined, I believe everything happens for a reason and I think the good lord knew (being slightly OCD at times) I wouldn’t of dealt with the loss of a good pair of socks.

After a quick look by my work mate, she discovered the evil chalice that had threatened to end me. It was quite simply a broken teacup, the jagged handle of doom.

So there you have it folks, the story of my almost untimely demise. I made it out this time, I just hope to be forever this lucky.

Until next time……….

Laugh, Dream, Reach xxx

Another Goal – Write More

At the start of May I started a creative writing class. I have always enjoyed writing, but I always started something, got bored and left it. So I started this class to get motivated and start writing again! This was yet another goal of mine – Write More.

So below you will find a short story I have written for this class. We were given a writing prompt (the first sentence in the story – The most beautiful smile I ever saw….) and left to write. I had no idea what I was going to write about or how it would end. I wrote this over a period of an hour – started in class and then finished when I got home. So sit back and enjoy and please feel free to comment what you think 🙂


The most beautiful smile I ever saw shone through the glistening glades of grass. The field was like a meadow had it not been imprisoned by the rickety tin fence that hung limply like a withered tongue.

I had walked past here almost every day searching tirelessly to see her again, this time longer than the seconds she allowed me on most occasions, but she had managed to elude me so far.

A small roof peeked over the long grass, it was in the back corner on the right hand side. You wouldn’t notice it on a cloudy day, but when the sun gleamed off it, it resembled a river of dark brown chocolate showered with flecks of caramel where old slated tiles once sat.

I presumed this is where she stayed when I couldn’t catch a glimpse of her, and I couldn’t shake the urge to climb the fence and run desperately to her door. I had been warned though, she was crazy. She was untrusting. She was dangerous. I didn’t care I wanted to know her. I needed to know her. Nobody seemed to know where she had come from, and if they did, they weren’t going to tell me.

It was about 5 days ago I started to leave her gifts (although weeks since I first laid eyes on her), I then crossed the road and hid behind the old pine trees that littered the adjacent plot of land. I waited and I watched as she inquisitively poked and prodded each item before turning up her nose and wandering back into the depths of her grassy prison.
But I was relentless, and day after day I presented her with a new gift. She would soon realize I mean her no harm. She would come to need me as much as I needed her.
She was fussy, but sure why not, she had every right to be. But I couldn’t shake the feeling this was why she was now all alone.

By now you must think I’m some sort of crazy stalker. Trust me I’ve thought the same. How did I get to be this obsessed?

I wouldn’t even want to know what my family would say if they saw me here, hiding behind the pines day after day. Sometimes I even visited more than once.
But I needed her to acknowledge me. I needed her to know that she had changed my life. That even though we had never shared a word, she calms my anxiety before it creeps up my spine and wraps itself around my throat. Before the anxieties shut down my vocal cords and choke off my ability to breathe. Before the tears stream relentlessly down my cheeks, and before I crumble to the ground sobbing uncontrollably not knowing when the pounding in my ears will stop and I can see and think clearly again. Her mere presence had stopped the triggers, watching her made me feel free.

So here I am once again, watching from my hiding place behind the old pine trees. She walks cautiously toward the present I have left, her eyes darting left and right. She sniffs it and takes it in her mouth. I draw in my breath, I can’t believe she’s actually taking it this time. My heart begins to swell and I feel my face crack into a beaming smile. I have won. She can no longer pretend I don’t exist, I squeal with delight. With the sudden noise her head snaps up and the apple drops from her mouth. Her eyes lock with mine and we both freeze, the wind slowly pushes the grass playfully around her beautiful face. I dare a smile and wait. After what feels like an eternity she pulls back her lips and bares her teeth into the most beautiful smile I have ever seen!

She has seen me and accepted me.

“Hello Black Shadow” I whisper to the glorious black mare as she quietly descends back behind the tall grass. I have gained her trust.


By Jaimee Nolan (May 2016)

Laugh, Dream, Reach xxx

Expect the Unexpected……..

Hey Thought you might like to hear the funny side of the fire calls .

Many of the fire calls we got were pretty much the norm as a fire fighter. The crashes, the vegetation and structure fires etc that you always expect but seriously don’t wish on anyone. It’s those unexpected calls that leave you thinking, “REALLY”.
My first call like that was “house flooding”. We talked about what we would need to do on the way to the call, who had what job etc and then we pulled up almost expecting water to be flowing out the doors. The Officer in charge went to interview the occupants of the house while we got the equipment ready. He came back with a smile on his face. Not a flooded house but a leaking waterbed. The lady owner wanted it gone so we got to work trying to empty it. Every possible pump didn’t work so we slit it down the middle and the bucket brigade began. The bed was finally dismantled and chucked out onto the lawn. One happy lady and a very amused brigade.
Another be prepared for the unexpected call. Picture it late at night, storm happening and multiple call outs all over the region. We got called to a transformer fire in Timaru. All the other brigades in the region were dealing with the onslaught of the storm in other areas so it wasn’t unusual to be called out of our own area. I got pulled out of bed with the sound of the siren, so thinking late at night, no one will see me I’ll just wear my pyjamas, easier than trying to get changed still half asleep. Boy I couldn’t have been more wrong. We got to the transformer, nothing happening so got told to cover Timaru Station until the Timaru brigade got back. Arriving at the station we were told to make ourselves comfortable and go have a coffee. For a split second I forgot and went to take off my level two jacket and remembered I was still in my PJs. I quickly zipped up my jacket to the amusement of my brigade. The kept making smart remarks, “aren’t you hot in that jacket?” I was pleased when we were finally told to go home, a new dilemma it was now daylight and I had to walk home. None of the older guys would drop me off. They all laughed and said “imagine the town gossip if we got caught dropping you off dressed like that” luckily the youngest guy in the brigade wasn’t too worried and gave me a lift home.
Expect the unexpected and Laugh Dream Reach

We’re Baaaacccckkkk ;)

Lo and behold, here we are again. Earlier promises of regular posts have once again been broken as we find ourselves busy living and slowly but surely achieving little goals along the way.

First and foremost, after much discussion we (Shirley and I), have come to an agreement that one of us will update this blog weekly, Sunday was the lucky winner so be sure to start tuning in. We will be using this blog to not only document our goals but also future travel, and experiences we think you as our loyal followers will enjoy.

If you have any questions about places we have been feel free to contact us on

As for me I have just started doing creative writing classes so I may share some of what I have written as time goes on, I’m still working on my children’s book and have started to teach myself the Harmonica (also a goal on my list). So life is fairly busy at the moment, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

So starting this Sunday we’re back in action!

As always remember……..

Laugh, Dream, Reach xx


Playing with fire…….

Being a firefighter would have to be one of the most amazing things I have done in my life. The satisfaction of helping my community, the feeling of doing something completely out of my comfort zone and the thrill of not knowing what the next call might be. After the training and seven day recruit course, the waiting for the siren to go off began. When it sounded, no matter what time day or night I was up and off running. It didn’t matter if I had visitors or was at a function, when that siren sounded I was gone.

image image image

I would get to the station, hit the button to put the doors up, stop the siren and answer the call, the challenge then was to get into my level ones or level twos, depending on the call and make it onto one of the trucks. Because I lived so close to the station I usually made it. Travelling to the call I had time to get my head around whatever we were going to face. Our calls ranged from vegetation fires, car crashes, buildings on fire, medical assists, PFAs and even the odd cat stuck in a tree or up a pole. No two calls were the same.

In my seven and a half years as a firefighter, I attended 6 fatal calls. My way with dealing with those was to remind myself that this is what I was trained for, this was my job. I was lucky to be in a brigade with many firefighters that had been through these calls many times and we could always sit down and talk about it after our initial debrief. I also had a very supportive husband, family and friends. Being a female there was always the chance of being the one to enter a car to keep the patient calm until they were able to be extracted from the car. I did this a few times, trying to find a subject to keep the person focused and calm was a challenge. The biggest challenge was trying to keep my own emotions at bay, knowing that some calls were never going to end well while still trying to keep the trapped persons mind distracted from what was going on around them. I thought I had become quite hardened to life from my time as a firefighter, I mentioned this to someone once and they told me it hadn’t hardened me, it had taught me how to cope with  different situations.

No matter what happens in life, learn to Laugh Dream Reach…….

image image image



Since coming to Ireland, I’ve been lucky enough to travel and explore this fine country, as well as a few places in the UK and Europe. It has always been a dream of mine since I was a teenager to explore this magnificent world and sometimes I have to pinch myself – my dreams are now reality.

I thought, what better place than here to share my experiences, to inspire travel or to even enchant your view on an otherwise unlikely destination.
I will not necessarily write them in order of visit, but write them by will of heart and trigger of memory.

Today I start with Amsterdam.

First impression, by word of mouth (or internet), is usually painted of a seedy red light district, full of less than favourable characters, enveloped by a massive marijuana cloud and tainted by dodgy dealers or dealings taking place in darkened alleyways.

Well my first impressions (in the flesh), was stepping out of Amsterdam Centraal train station into a bustling square, the buildings and houses flanked picturesque canals, people on bicycles flew by with bells ringing out to announce their erratic route as they whipped this way and that, trams rolled by and the air was fresh. We only had a short walk to our accomodation at:

Inntel Hotel Amsterdam:

This would be our home for the next 4 days. It had early check in (we arrived around 8am) so a quick freshen up and we went out to explore. Situated right in the midst of the shopping district, we were a stoners throw away from many restaurants, bars, cafes and coffee shops. Being end of November the weather was chilly, but the lobby fire warmed our bodies and a few pints warmed our souls.

As day crept into night we decided to check out the hype surrounding the coffee shops. We sat down and watched the people around us. The process turned out to be very simple:

Step 1. Walk to counter.
Step 2. Ask to see the menu and Step 3. Choose you’re preferred smoke, pay and light up.

It was all very casual, the mood was calm and it was easy to pick out the locals from the wasted zombie tourists. It really was an experience that can only be explained by being amongst it.


We decided our days would be consumed by site seeing, and those of you who know me, know I enjoy me a little bus tour.
We jumped on the hop on/hop off bus (in my opinion these tours are the best way to navigate a new city, if you can do this on the first day you are there. It familiarises you with your surroundings and you can then plan itineraries by what you can see on the bus or you can walk to from your hotel), did nearly a full lap before jumping off at the iconic IAMSTERDAM sign (situated infront of the Rjik Museum) took a few snaps;


The massive lines of awaiting sight seers helped our decision to hit up the Heineken Experience. To avoid the queues we pre-purchased our tickets and strutted past the massive lines. The initial tour was very informative, we taste tested a pint and even pretended to be a bottle of Heineken (in a 4D simulator).

The next day we jumped back on the hop on/hop off bus, stopping first at Nemo (the science museum) so we could climb to the top and capture the amazing city skyline on camera. The view was beautiful. From there we walked to the Windmill (now also a brewery, unfortunately it wasn’t open), so we jumped back on the bus around to the Rjik Museum (pre-booked tickets helped us allude the long lines once again) and strolled around viewing some incredible artwork and exhibits. It was well worth a visit.


On our last day we walked from our hotel to the Anne Frank House. As I had read Anne Frank’s diary as a young girl, I was particularly taken by the atmosphere and the history that was enclosed in this building, it literally gave me goosebumps. After wandering through the Annexe room by room, we took a few photos under the sign outside and headed on our way.
I feel like we managed to fit alot in between shopping and eating.

Talking of eating, here comes the food part! The first meal for me can make or break a trip (dramatic, yes?), but luckily the steak sandwich I ordered was unbelievable, so very tender and cooked medium-rare (my preference). Our breakfasts were just what any hangover needed – Eggs Benedict, a delightfully massive pancake covered in bacon, bananas and dripping with maple syrup or (ol’ faithful) a full english breakfast, to name a few.


The best restaurant we visited was by far ‘Beems’ –

Mark had a chicken dish that he said (and quote) “Was The best chicken he had ever tasted in his life”. I tried the steak and it was equally delish. We shared a chefs selection of desserts and left with full bellies and smiles on our faces. If you are ever in the area its not to be missed!

Nearly every second shop is a cheese shop, being a very keen cheese eater, I spent alot of time in these shops sampling the free cheeses. Although it may be frowned upon, I certainly visited the ones close to our hotel numerous times 🙂

Last but not least, the nightlife! We ventured to the Red Light District, probably the best place for late night drinking and definitely best for people watching (if you just so happen to be creeps like us). We delved in a few shots – at €2-3 you’d be mad not to. The canals were drowned in red light and it really did look rather beautiful given the story behind it. I never once felt unsafe and everyone seemed in pretty good spirits.

In conclusion, Amsterdam has a little bit of something for everyone. Definitely one of the more beautiful cities I been lucky enough to visit, safety was never an issue and I will definitely be back sometime in the future. Feel free to share your experiences of Amsterdam below as I’d love to hear them.

Until next time…….

Laugh, Dream, Reach xxx

Act The Maggot


So as you well know, I had as one of my goals – Goal 3 – ‘Join a Drama Club and audition for a part in a play’.

Well on 28th January 2016, I joined a Drama group called ‘Act the Maggot’. Although I haven’t auditioned for a play just yet, finishing the 6 weeks was a feat in itself.

When I arrived I had no idea what I was getting myself into. My mind was open, expectations were neutral, and by looking around I realized that everyone who stood before me was there for their own personal development or reason. What I didn’t realize was in the following weeks these people would see me do things I wouldn’t dream of doing (maybe I would), in front of my closest friends.

Our teacher, Amie, had an air of confidence about her, she instantly had us laughing with her warm-ups and I knew by the end of the first class that the next 5 classes would be fantastic.

I will not go into full details of what we did in each class, I think that an experience like this can only be fully elucidated when someone partakes themselves.

I will however share one story that I found particularly hilarious. I think it was week 2. The class stood in a large circle and we awkwardly smiled at each other while awaiting the details of our next task. The game was easy, one person started acting out an everyday activity, ie – brushing their hair etc, the person next to them would then ask “[INSERT NAME], What are you doing?”, the person that was acting out the activity would then reply with a completely different activity and the person who asked the question would proceed to act out the new task. Simple right? Nothing to worry about you say?
Well I just happened to be standing next to a bloke who had a great sense of humour. I could see the cheeky glint in his eye before I even asked the question………..

“[INSERT NAME], What are you doing?”, I said with an uneasy smile.

“Doing a Poo!”, he replied, as the class erupted in laughter.

Well you who know me, know that I’m a good sport, so I took position, reached for a magazine (for concentration reasons) and pretended to flick through the pages as I threw in appropriate facial expressions for an inappropriate situation. It felt like I was in that position for a long time until the game continued. But it taught me one thing, expect the unexpected 😉

Throughout the next few weeks we tested our creative minds, improvised and encouraged one another, we were all in this together and by the end I felt we had all achieved what we had gone to achieve, I certainly felt my confidence had grown.

For our last class we had to do a performance, approximately 3-5 minutes, I chose to write and recite a poem.
Standing up there after the last word was spoken, I felt very proud of myself, I felt I had accomplished a lot.

Anyone looking to try something different, to gain confidence or just looking to have a bit of fun with a bunch of like-minded maggots, I really couldn’t recommend this class more. Anyone in Dublin interested please find the website below:

I plan on getting more involved in more classes such as these, but for the moment I have to focus on writing this children’s book. Time is passing by and there are not enough hours in the day. But as long as I’m trying something new and feeding my soul with happy memories, then my time here is not wasted.

Remember everyone…….

Laugh, Dream, Reach xx

The Real Fire Ladies……….

Carrying on from Anything is Possible…… Having been in the fire service as a firefighter for a couple of years I noticed it really was a man’s world. NZ had a male calendar out, it had only had a female firefighter on it and she looked like she was being rescued so I decided I would see if I could put my photography into the mix and come up with a female calendar. It took a lot of emails and planning. Even though our Chairperson of the New Zealand Fire Service Commission was a female, there were a lot of strict guidelines to follow.

Finally getting the go ahead, the enormous task of bringing it altogether began. Emailing all the Brigades around New Zealand, receiving and answering all the requests to be on the calendar, having a draw, as there were too many fire ladies applying to cover the twelve months, and then organising time, places and travel while working full-time. I decided I would have to photograph the fire ladies on the weekends. I had drawn six Brigades from the North Island and six Brigades from the South Island so very weekend for a couple of months I headed off to a new destination. I was lucky to be able to get two brigades close together on some weekends. Meeting the Fire Ladies was the best part, getting to hear their stories, letting them decide how they wanted to be portrayed on the calendar, I didn’t want it to be just another female bares all type calendar, I wanted the Ladies to be themselves, show the real person, feel proud to be a firefighter what ever their walk of life. If I had said skimpy tops, bare midriffs,  most of them wouldn’t have applied.

Fire Calendar Fire calendar 2

The first calendar, on sale in 2009, was for NZ Breast Cancer Foundation, most of the ladies that applied knew someone close that had or was suffering from breast cancer, it was a great way to honour them. Many of the girls had hair and makeup done for free by their local Salons and in a couple of instances had to leave half way through when the fire siren went up to announce a call out. They got a bit of stick from the boys turning up in full makeup and hair done. The great thing was the Brigades were proud of their ladies for becoming involved and were willing to help in what ever way they could from driving trucks to helping with equipment. Most of the brigades also put me up for a night and I even ended up on a couple of callouts when the truck was short crewed. After the photos had been taken and sorted I decided on using a local printing firm, Pope Print in Timaru to help with design and printing.

The second calendar, on sale 2010, was to raise money for the rescue helicopters. This time when I had to travel to the North Island, Bryan came with me. I was half way through a Polytech course for photography so we were able to take two weeks over the school holidays and drive our way around the North Island. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t on our side and we both ended up with a bug. As we headed up North of Auckland, both with a vomiting bug, we got a severe weather warning of strong winds and heavy rain, we got to Ngunguru as the weather was building and only just managed to hold onto our luggage and equipment as we fought our way into our motel room. The weather battered the area all night so we didn’t get much sleep, with the howling 135km plus winds and torrential rain hitting the place we got up to one almighty mess, boats over turned, trees down and power out in most places. We managed to get the photos we needed in between down pours and headed to Kaikohe where the rain and winds continued. As we headed back down the North Island the weather improved. The South Island part of the calendar didn’t go smoothly either, Central Otago is well known for its fog and hoare frosts, it did give another element to the photos.

The third calendar, on sale 2011, was to raise money for CANTEEN NZ. My sister Sandy kept me company for that one, she was my navigator, kept me entertained and looked after the fire stations when I took off on a callout once again when the trucks were short crewed. The weather was much better in most places. We went with the bandanas for the photos, I let the Ladies decide how they wanted to wear them. I had also arranged for some of the kids from CANTEEN to meet us at the photo-shoots. It was great to be able to hear their stories and find our how CANTEEN helped them get through their personal battles with cancer, some were the fighters, others had siblings that had lost their fight.

Once again I think anything is possible if you put your mind to it, I managed to raise over $40,000.00 for three charities, I met some pretty amazing people along the way and hopefully helped raise the awareness of the Volunteer Female Fighter.

I also managed to Laugh Dream Reach…… can too……


Valentines Day ………

I find it really sad that one day of the year should be set aside to show how much you love someone.  I find it really sad that life seems to be so busy that you haven’t got time to show your love everyday. I find it sad that you get out of your relationship so quickly at the first sign of  imperfection.

It doesn’t have to cost anything to make it work, it doesn’t even have to take up a lot of your time,  but if you want it to last you need to make an effort. A relationship should be an equal partnership, made of love, trust, friendship and honesty.

I didn’t have the perfect marriage but that made it more interesting, Bryan wasn’t a big romantic but I knew I was loved. We could spend time in each others company and not have to say a word. I was lucky to always have his support in anything I tried, I wasn’t judged, there was no negativity.

We are on this earth for a long time or a short time, who knows what is around the corner, just don’t spend it wanting everything and not giving in return. Don’t wait till Valentines Day to show your partner you care, make an effort everyday and you won’t have any regrets if anything should happen to change it all so suddenly.

As the saying goes …….


Laugh Dream Reach ……..

To Adult or Not to Adult?

Do you ever wonder whether you have matured enough to be an adult?

It feels like only yesterday I was a teenager, with dreams of travel, I had no clue of what I wanted to be (still don’t), but I knew that I wanted to see the world. Next month I’ll be 30…..I don’t feel sad or nostalgic, I simply wonder whether I can be trusted to do adult things. Am I responsible enough?

I say this because yesterday I really had to question myself. This following story I tell you only because I’m hoping someone, somewhere can relate.

I woke as usual, the sun wasn’t shining (I am in the midst of an Irish winter), but my spirits weren’t dampened by the gray sky, I was happy to be alive. I showered, I dressed and I ate my breakfast, I was ready for another day of work. I stepped out the door and began my walk to work, my earphones sang power ballads and I had to stop myself from breaking out to ‘The Power Of Love’ by Jennifer Rush.

This was about the time all hell broke loose.

With each step my underwear began to creep uncomfortably up my backside. I tried with all my might to block it out as ‘I Want to Know What Love Is’ by Foreigner started playing, and as I came to stop at a set of lights I over exaggerated a stretch and a not so subtle jiggle to try to shift the intruding material from my rear.

For just a moment there was sweet relief and I managed to make it across the road before the game started all over again. By the time I made it to work I was walking like a disgruntled cowboy. All I could think was my ass somehow fluctuated in size overnight. I continued my day and complained openly to my work mate, I even mentioned it to thin air because it was bothering me so. All day I worked tirelessly at my job, frustrated and exhausted by the countless times I adjusted my underclothes. Finally my shift was finished and I changed in the bathroom for my kickboxing class. It was then I realised what had happened. I couldn’t believe it, I was somewhat concerned, but more disappointed, that at 29 years of age I was still not capable to do a simple task.

My underpants were on backwards. Yup, 29 and I still can’t dress myself! I think what was most concerning was that all day I didn’t notice. ALL DAY! So I enter my thirties confused and feeling slightly discouraged. Some days I wonder how I’ve even made it this far, I’m sure it’s mostly dumb luck.

As I say goodbye to my 20’s, I only look forward to what the next 30 years have to offer me. Each day for me is a brand new page to write, each decade a new chapter, but I never know when my story will end. Maybe in this next decade I’ll finally conquer dressing……maybe not. If anyone else has a story like this please share, we all need the laughter in our life or for me the reassurance I’m not the only one not ready to adult.

And remember……

Laugh, Dream, Reach xx